Seven Guiding Principles For Public-Private Partnerships in Higher Education: Reflections from 最全菠菜网's First P3 Conference

不管具体的项目是什么, applying certain universal truths 而且 guiding principles will lead to successful P3 outcomes.
— - Dr. D 'Andrea周, 最全菠菜网 Director of Business Development

D 'Andrea周

People working in the public sector often look to the private sector with a sense of mystery 而且 uncertainty. Private corporations seem to have money 而且 power 而且 a degree of flexibility public servants dream of. The public sector, for its part, has reach, purpose, mission, knowledge. How do these two sides come together to make magic? 当然是通过公私合作.

P3s are an excellent way for two very different entities to come together to share programs, 解决方案, 投资, 和福利. P3建立在信任的基础上, 协作, 合作, communication - all the things that make any relationship successful. 如果做得好, you will leverage your partner's strengths toward a greater outcome than you could achieve yourself. Everything we know about partnerships in our personal lives can 而且 should be applied to P3s. 

对于大学来说, P3s open opportunities in so many sectors - student learning, 研究, 住房, 商业化. 不管具体的项目是什么, applying certain universal truths 而且 guiding principles will lead to successful P3 outcomes.

#1: Underst而且 your university’s capacity before you start

Map out your institutional capacity to manage P3s before you start. Public-private partnerships in higher education require 协作 between international offices, 赞助项目办公室, 风险管理, 法律, 金融, 以及大学校园的其他单位. You need to know the people in those offices 而且 prepare them in advance.

2 .仔细选择你的模型

mp3有很多形式.  Take the time to select the model that serves you 而且 your partner best. 


Underst而且 why the private corporation you are targeting is seeking public partnerships. What is their motivation, what are the outcomes that matter to them? 它是金融? 共同的价值观? 达到? 声誉? 从一开始就澄清这一点.  


建立伙伴关系不能操之过急. Start by developing the relationship with an informal “coffee shop” conversation. Be open about the problem you are seeking to solve so your partner can be part of ideating the solution. Private sector stakeholders want to be involved in the creation of the solution. 

5 .在不同层次上都有很多啦啦队员

Broad institutional buy-in 而且 intimacy between partners are necessary for success.  

6 .生态系统获胜,“自我系统”失败

把你的自负放在一边. Partnerships succeed because we need something from each other, we must be open about that.


In a true partnership, my success is my partner’s success, my partner’s failure is my failure.

最全菠菜网学会了这些指导原则, put them into words thanks to the expertise of a number of individuals who presented their successes 而且 lessons learned during 最全菠菜网’s P3 Mini Conference held in January, 2021. 最全菠菜网的专家主持人, Thomas Debass, Managing Director of the Office of Global Partnerships at the U.S. 国务院, 丽莎N. 淡色的, 高级私营机构社会参与顾问, United States Agency for International Development (USAID) provided the experience of large government entities 而且 their motivation for seeking private partners. 菲利普一个. Ray, Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs, Office of the Chancellor, Texas A&M大学系统 shared the particular challenges for higher education institutions in sharing reputation 而且 reward with private entities. Sherry Wynn, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, from IBM 而且 Lauren Berry, Senior Director of Social Performance at Kosmos Energy helped us to underst而且 what motivates large 而且 successful corporations to take on the complicated effort involved in partnering with universities 而且 state agencies. Dr. Rick Nader, Principal Consultant at Global Proposal Solutions, Dr. Warren Burggren, Consultant at Global Proposal Solutions shared knowledge 而且 skills in creating a joint proposal for funding, 以及如何为自己的成功做好准备.

Helping the academic community begin to ideate around P3s is extremely gratifying to 最全菠菜网. Our members have greater 而且 greater pressure on them to innovate on behalf of students, 并成功地为研究筹集资金, 发展, 还有很多领域. This mini-conference renewed our confidence that as a member organization, we can bring expertise to the whole that would be harder to organize from a single institution. 会员可以查看最全菠菜网的新录音 成员资源页面. 请务必遵循最全菠菜网 未来的培训、合作伙伴机会和成员更新.

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D 'Andrea周,艾德.D., serves as 最全菠菜网’s Director of Business Development. Dr. Weeks has over 20 years of experience leading productive teams 而且 streamlining internal operations. 过去七年, she has been a thought partner 而且 catalyst for non-profits 而且 institutions of higher education on a diverse range of topics from global education, 教育创新, 教育领导, 程序开发, 评价调查, 格兰特写作, 以及非营利性董事会发展. These projects spanned five continents 而且 multiple states in the United States. 作为一个项目战略家,Dr. Weeks has worked with small to mid-sized organizations to design impactful projects 而且 write grant proposals for public private partnerships.

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